Helping make your event unique and memorable

We make incredible pizzas out of our unique vintage trailers at your event!


Since 2015 we have been serving our wood fired pizzas out of our vintage vans! Our converted horse boxes and HY Van were designed and created by us to look quirky, vintage and truly unique for your event. We serve our wood fired pizzas from Shropshire at everything from street food festivals to weddings, parties and birthdays.


We are very passionate about what we do, and we love serving up our pizzas at your event.

Delicious Graze is the culmination of 15 years of experience

in catering and fine dining.


We work with care and passion to create flavour-filled homemade recipes. To us, Delicious Graze is about more than great food: it’s about creating the culinary experiences which bring people closer together.


Our custom-made Delicious Graze vans were built from scratch in order to create a unique focal point and dining hub and to play our part in ensuring your special event is something truly unforgettable.


We use the very best ingredients to create food that looks, smells and tastes fantastic. Once you’ve tried Delicious Graze we think the only thing you’ll enjoy more than our flavoursome street food is seeing the  smiles on your guests’ faces.


We love what we do, meeting new people like you and making your event extra unique, special and fun.

Our pizzas are light, fresh and somewhat addictive! They are Neapolitan style pizzas and have a leopard print crust.


We make our dough from scratch using Italian Caputo 00 flour and we let slowly rise for 48-72 hours. This makes our crust light and bubbly with a crunch and a soft bite.


Our sauce is homemade using Italian Mutti tomatoes, Italian herbs, olive oil and a pinch of himalyan pink salt.


Our toppings have been inspired from all around the world. We only use fresh ingredients and local and organic wherever possible. We use traditional Italian creamy mozzarella on all our pizzas which makes for a melt in your mouth bite. Our menu is traditional Italian and has unique twist with inspired flavours from around the world covering delicious options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike!